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Grand Prize: Rs 1 CR

Contribute to tree plantation by donating an amount of Rs 149 and get a chance to win Rs 1 crore.

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Enjoy an affordable entry point with our reasonably priced tickets, ensuring accessibility for all.

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We prioritize fairness and transparency in our procedures, building trust among participants.

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A straightforward three-step process – buy, fill, and submit – makes participation easy and convenient.

Community Impact

Join a collective effort for a greener planet, as funds from ticket sales directly support tree plantation initiatives.

The funds generated through ticket sales directly support tree plantation initiatives, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for a greener and healthier planet. Choose us for a chance at winning big and making a difference.


We’re delighted to share that is teaming up with a highly respected organization for our Green India Initiative. This collaboration underscores our joint dedication to environmental sustainability and our shared goal of fostering a greener and healthier India.

In coming together, the esteemed organization brings valuable expertise, resources, and a steadfast commitment to environmental causes. This partnership is designed to enhance the impact of our tree plantation initiatives and contribute more substantially to the well-being of our planet. The alignment of our mission with the organization’s values creates a robust alliance that extends beyond individual efforts.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey toward a more sustainable future. By pooling our strengths, we can implement more extensive and impactful tree planting projects, addressing environmental challenges on a broader scale and inspiring positive change in communities nationwide.

The Green India Initiative isn’t merely about planting trees; it’s about cultivating a shared sense of responsibility for our environment. With this collaboration, we are eager to harness the collective power of our networks and resources to make a lasting difference. Watch this space for updates on collaborative projects and join us in celebrating this exciting progression in our mission to create a greener and more sustainable India. Together, we can work towards realizing the vision of a Green India.


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